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You’re Only One 
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Secrets of  How
Successful Entrepreneurs 
Grow Their Businesses
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Secrets of How  Successful Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses with Virtual Assistants
The underground guide to outsourcing the right way with expert John Jonas.

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The Outsourcing Lever - Secrets of Outsourcing With Virtual Assistants
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If you’re tired of feeling burnt-out, if you struggle to keep up with your day-to-day business demands, if your company isn’t growing fast enough -- I wrote this book for you.
I’m John Jonas, the creator of and long-time outsourcing expert. Over the past decade and a half, I’ve perfected an outsourcing system that will hand you the wheel as the CEO, grow your business exponentially and guide you to the life and freedom you’ve always wanted.

Jordan Owens

CEO, Caregivers United

My wife and I read this book this week. We immediately signed up on and have interviewed 5 candidates and have found 3 that we are going to choose from over the weekend. This book was very helpful. We've hired 10+ VAs part time on Odesk, Freelancer, and Upwork at different times in the past and consistently we were disappointed. This addressed every issue we had. We are looking forward making Amazon FBA wholesale work at a greater scale. Thanks John.
P.S. This totally reads like I was paid to write this comment, but I wasn't. :)
If you’re tired of feeling burnt-out, if you struggle to keep up with your day-to-day business demands, if your company isn’t growing fast enough -- I wrote this book for you.
I’m John Jonas, the creator of and long-time outsourcing expert. Over the past decade and a half, I’ve perfected an outsourcing system that will hand you the wheel as the CEO, grow your business exponentially and guide you to the life and freedom you’ve always wanted.

Whatever your profession, 
this book is FOR YOU…

Whether you're an internet entrepreneur, realtor, insurance agent, attorney, info product creator, or involved in any other small business, my secrets will realign your life with your vision of the future. I can teach you to leverage your business and your time by outsourcing the right way.

This step-by-step guide reveals my secrets for hiring, recruiting, training and managing VAs in the Philippines for as little as $2.50/hr. Take control of your business (instead of drowning in the daily grind) and create more freedom for yourself with "The Outsourcing Lever."
What will The Outsourcing Lever do for YOU?
  • Get you started outsourcing NOW 
  • ​Teach you how your business can thrive with Virtual Assistants (VAs)
  • ​Give you all of the tools to hire competent, ROCKSTAR VAs
  • ​Give you step-by-step guides on how to train your VAs so they can take the load off of your plate
  • ​Turn you into an expert communicator and manager for your VAs
  • ​Give you the freedom to work ON your business instead of slaving IN your business
You’re Only One Virtual Assistant Away From…
 Exponentially growing your business
Increasing your freedom
Living the ideal life you’ve envisioned
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The Outsourcing Lever
Secrets of How Successful Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses with Virtual Assistants
— By John Jonas, Creator of
I UNDERSTAND what it’s like to own a business. I’ve been where you are right now...
You’re sitting at your desk…

There are approximately 32 post-it notes littered across the table-top, filled with information you’ll probably forget. Your calendar is strewn between your malfunctioning memory, your smart phone and various scattered papers. The voicemail light on your work phone is blinking. You have 17 emails to respond to. And you’re far from your goal of increased sales this month.

You have a million things to do, and only 80 hours left this week to get them done. 

You haven’t slept enough. 
You haven’t spent time with your family in too long. 
Your focus and willpower are shorting out, but you have to keep going...

Because that’s the lot of an overwhelmed, overworked, over-tired business owner.

And as time goes on, the emails pile-up. Stress builds. Professional goals become marginalized. Family functions get missed. Businesses barely squeak by. “Survival mode” dominates.

We’ve been there; we know that survival should not be a lifestyle. And we know that outsourcing the right way will change your business and give your life back.

So we literally “wrote the book” on outsourcing the right way, and we want to give it to you.
The Outsourcing Lever is’s newly-launched, comprehensive index on outsourcing to the Philippines
This manual will teach you how to get your life back through outsourcing. You’ll learn how to:

Make outsourcing work in your business 
- and how it will change your life.
Boost your hiring success rate 
(find the “right one” 95% of the time). 
Train your workers to be rockstars, 
using the best tools and approaches.
Manage your workers
to maximize productivity and create lasting rapport.
The Outsourcing Lever is filled with step-by-step explanations, outsourcing “how-tos” and management “no-nos” and so much more. And I wrote it for beginners and experienced outsourcers alike. It will teach you how to be an outstanding boss and get the most out of your work with Filipino VAs.
This book is so packed with information, there’s no way to summarize it on one page. So here’s a 97-point teaser...
The Outsourcing Lever will teach you all you need to know about:
How to become the CEO of Your Business and Not Suffer Burn-out.
How to become the CEO of Your Business and Not Suffer Burn-out.
  • Why your business is slowly killing you, and what you need to do about it
  • ​Why if you want something done right, you need to hire someone else to do it
  • Why you have to stifle your inner perfectionist to get the most out of outsourcing 
  • ​Why automation will change your business
  • 6 Steps to get you outsourcing the right way
  • ​The beginning of my crazy outsourcing experience, and what it means to you
  • What can you outsource? Our HUGE list of ideas…
  • The one traditional approach to outsourcing that goes out the window when you hire a Filipino worker 
Why the Philippines is the best place to hire VAs
Why the Philippines is the best place to hire VAs
  • Why you have to outsource to the Philippines
  • What makes outsourcing to the Philippines so affordable
  • ​What makes Filipino workers so incredibly loyal
  • Why that Filipino worker loyalty will save your business tons of time and money 
  • ​Why it’s so important for you to learn about Filipino culture to create strong ties with your workers
  • ​Why you should let your workers address you as “Sir” or “Ma’am” 
  • Different places to recruit Filipino workers
  • ​​The best place to recruit Filipino workers (and why)
  • How I hired the most talented Filipino programmer I’ve ever met (he’s even better than me)
  • ​The two major qualities to look for in your applicants’ responses
  • Why it’s so important to keep your pool of applicants broad
  • Why you SHOULDN'T conduct Skype interviews 
  • ​6 ways to narrow your field of applicants down to the most promising hirees
  • ​Why I don’t recommend hiring part-time workers (in most cases)
  • Trial periods and first-tasks - how to handle the initial hiring period
  • ​Why you should only hire one Filipino worker at a time
  • ​How to narrow down hiring candidates - and how many to keep until the end of the hiring process
  • ​The most effective ways to communicate with potential hirees
  • ​A list of 12 questions to ask during your interview process
  • Why you shouldn’t use virtual staffing agencies or Craigslist to hire your workers
  • 5 Steps to writing a killer job post that will attract qualified workers
  • Why you need to include “hard” and “soft” skill requirements in your job posts
  • ​What to absolutely NOT ask for in a job post
  • ​My preferred method of recruiting, completely outlined
  • ​Why you should only ask your worker to do “one thing” after they’re first hired
  • ​What is the “clean slate” hiring philosophy and is it right for you?
  • When it’s ok to tell your worker “I don’t know what I’m doing,” and why you need to act like an expert the rest of the time
  • How to create a virtual working environment where your employees can thrive
  • Why you need to teach your workers everything you can about your business
  • The programs I use to take screenshots and record videos for my workers’ trainings 
  • ​Programs that will help you conduct live video trainings
  • 4 specific phrases to use in your feedback that will spark constructive responses
  • ​How to take the blame when things go wrong...and how to fix them.
  • 4 expectations to set with your worker from the get-go
  • The pros and cons of calling your workers on the phone
  • ​4 Reasons why good training is critical to your outsourcing experience
  • How many tasks you should teach your worker at a time
  • Why it’s probably your fault if you worker doesn’t understand something, and how to fix it
  • ​How to spend time solving problems with them (not for them) and why that’s important
  • ​The best way to outline your training instructions, so your workers “get it”
  • 3 Ways to keep your workers busy
  • ​Why you must reassure your worker continually and encourage to come to you with questions
  • Why it’s usually your fault if something in the relationship goes wrong...and how to fix it
  • ​The logistics of communicating with a worker who lives 7,000 miles away
  • ​The project management system I prefer to use
  • How to (or why you shouldn’t) enforce work deadlines
  • ​Why time-tracking may not necessarily be a good thing
  • ​Which program to use, if you DO decide to enforce time-tracking
  • Why it pays to be flexible granting time off for your workers
  • ​Is it better to ask workers to put hours in during their daytime or yours (13 hour time-difference in the US)
  • ​How to handle power-outages in the Philippines
  • The three main reasons your worker may become unproductive, and how to solve them
Paying Your Workers
Paying Your Workers
  • How frequently and how much to pay your workers
  • Which payment systems you should use to send money securely to the Philippines
  • How to get the best exchange rate when you pay your workers 
  • ​What the heck is the 13th month pay and how to calculate it
  • How to handle raises 
  • ​Why you should pay your workers, even if they don’t produce the exact the results you want

Employers Love this Program

5 out of 5 star rating from Aaron Cordovez 

"Most people understand that they need to hire [help]. It's one of the most common problems for aspiring and already successful business people.

But like anything else, it is a skill that must be learned. People pay for expensive courses and pay agencies so frequently yet never learn the art of hiring.

No one would think to pilot a helicopter without proper training. Yet, every day, so many entrepreneurs invest in employees or VAs without proper training.

This book [Outsourcing Lever] is your instant manual on hiring, it will take you a couple of hours to read and will probably save you hundreds if not thousands of hours as you will avoid mistakes in hiring and training.

Time is much more valuable than money and John Jonas is rich in time. I've ...never a man as wealthy as John in time. After [ reading] this book, I understand why and am racing to implement as much as possible to catch up to John's time wealth.

There is no more experienced expert on hiring English-speaking, expert, overseas employees than John.

This book shares personal emotional accounts of ups and downs of hiring overseas, lessons which are being shared so you never have to come close to making similar heartbreaking mistakes that you may never forgive yourself for.

You're dealing with human beings when hiring and you owe it to them and to yourself to give a damn enough to read this book - you can't outsource that. Take the time and become the employer that will attract amazing employees. Then you can achieve what you want in the world with your newfound army of willing and capable individuals on your team."
I've spent far too much time personally handling the daily, boring, time-consuming tasks needed to run my business that I haven't been able to take my business to the "next level" for quite some time now… Anyway, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for opening my eyes and showing me just how easy (and affordable) it is to get the help I needed in my business. To OUR Success.”  — Austin Fenhaus, CEO
“I hired my first part-time work 5 hours a day. I am completely amazed with how it is going. I am able to get more done with in business than I ever thought possible.”  — Tony Paternite, Data Aggregation Consultant
“I just haven't had relief in years because I am doing everything. It feels great to have someone helping. The first lady I hired is great and is already producing. The second lady will help me take off another hat. I FEEL ALIVE... Thanks again.”  — Thomas Rendleman
“Our Company has a few employees that live in the Philippines and they are by far the most loyal and hardest working employees that I have ever employed outside of my offices. I value their work as well as what they add to every project, above and beyond what I ask them to do. They all send me daily emails of what they accomplished each day and what they are going to do later in the week.”  — Damon Nelson, Staff Director
“One day I was a broke enlisted Airman about to exit the Air Force... Next thing you know I'm running a multi-six-figure business, been endorsed by and partnered with a Shark from Shark Tank, spoken about online startups all over the country including at the United Nations, on the cover of Home Business Magazine (next month) etc etc. You, your book, and site have been a BIG part of that journey. So thanks a ton.“  — Steven Alvey, Executive Director
“ changed my life years ago. When I started my agency, I was working my 60-80 hour work weeks. I watched a webinar pointing me to and I successfully hired my first Virtual Assistant (VA). His name was Mario and he saved me 10-15 hours of work PER WEEK. And the cost? Only $340 per month. That brought to light many new possibilities with my company and we have used OnlineJobs to recruit many positions that are still working for us today 5+ years later.”  — Paul Staten, CEO/CO-OWNER
"Attached a picture of me reading your book in Valencia (Spain) during my (tomorrow ending) vacation (and managing my team at night once back to the hotel - the beauty of flexibility despite I am still working too much in the business and not on it! So much to learn!)." 
— Andrea Ballanti, CEO
"I bought your book about a month ago. I read everything and hired my first programmer from to take over my app. Good experience and I paid just $390 for 26 hours of work. Thanks for the book and providing job board."
— Ben
"First of all, I love what you’re doing. Me and a few of my buddies have all bought your course. Love your book and podcast. It’s definitely made a big impact in my life and business having a full time editor in the Philippines. My wife loves the time it’s given me back!!!"
— Austin Falter, Founder & Creative Director of Falter Media Company

Note from Author and Creator, John Jonas:

Over the last decade, I’ve taught tens of thousands of business owners how to outsource the right way. I’ve been personally outsourcing for almost two decades. I’ve built a booming business by connecting employers with Filipino workers. I’ve compiled so many stories and so much outsourcing wisdom, and I wanted to share it all with you. Everything. 

Learn from my mistakes. Learn from my successes. All you have to do is read (and implement) this book.


Our goal at is to get this book into the hands of as many outsourcing employers as possible. 

We want everyone to enjoy the success of outsourcing the right way. 

There’s no subscription. No program. No limited-time access. No catch. Just 119 pages of pure information and hard-won wisdom, all at your disposal, to read and reference at your own pace.


Here is our guarantee: If you apply the ideas and systems found in The Outsourcing Lever, your time and freedom will increase. You will have more time to do the things you love. Your relationships with your Filipino workers will improve, and the quality of their work will surge.

If you don’t learn something from this book that will improve your outsourcing experience and quality of life, we’ll give you your money back. We’ll even give you an entire year >365 days< to take us up on our guarantee.

Working with Filipino VAs is so rewarding.

They’re incredible employees - honest, loyal, self-starting, affordable, creative and so capable.

Outsourcing to the Philippines (the right way) can bring your business success and create more time and freedom in your personal life.

Make the jump to outsourcing, change how you work, create freedom for yourself, and do it the right way.

This new book will teach you how.
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